There is nothing quite like the taste and smell of

homemade cake & handshaped sugar into a passionate cake


Hi, thank you for stopping by my website and looking through the galeries of my cakes, my name is Nina, I live in Den Haag and I bake Celebration Cakes, Cupcakes and Pop cakes that are home baked and handcrafted. My exquisitely decorated cakes are designed to inspire and entertain specifically for you and your needs and I believe every cake is unique!. 

I stay always up to date with new trends and I am happy to explore new ideas for both the inside and the outside of your cake. I only use the most refined ingredients, for example biologic free range eggs, biologic butter and high quality flour. 

I'll be pleased to work closely with you an strive to fulfill all your requests so that you get the cake that you deserve.

Kind regards,

Fun with Sugar & Cake by Nina.

(K.v.K. 57575517, BTW NL254200473B01)