4 Lessons to Expect From an Online Voice Teacher

Before you start learning with an online voice teacher, it’s important to know the types of lessons you can expect. This includes bodywork, vocal technique, and songwriting.

During your lessons, you will learn concepts rooted in yoga, the Alexander technique, Feldenkrais and breathing coordination, enabling you to create a free, strong, supple body essential for a strong singing voice.

Vocal Technique

The voice is a complex instrument, and a good teacher will work with you on vocal technique. This can include concepts such as breathing, posture, vowel shaping, vocal acoustics and other elements that contribute to the proper production of your voice.

The best online voice teacher will help you develop a sound that is unique and individual to your style. They will teach you exercises that help you balance your chest, middle and head voices.

Vocal technique isn’t just about the physical – it also involves thinking and feeling. This is important because it’s often your thoughts and emotions that impact the way you sing. One thing you should look for in an online voice teacher is their ability to make strong, effortless high notes if they can do that in a single lesson.

Body Work

Bodywork is a broad term that refers to various alternative medical therapies, including massage therapy, deep tissue manipulation, chiropractic-osteopathic care, reflexology, yoga and craniosacral therapy. These treatments are designed to help clients restore healthy tissue and maintain a balanced body posture. Typically, bodywork involves both passive and active phases. In a passive phase, the practitioner uses manipulation therapies to reduce pain and discomfort and improve energy levels. In an active phase, the bodyworker works to find causes of unnatural movement and posture and helps retrain the body to move more efficiently. This can lead to improved health and well-being and may also benefit mental and emotional well-being.

Singing Exercises

If you’re working with an online voice teacher, expect they’ll include vocal exercises to help you develop a healthy singing voice. These exercises will keep your voice supple, increase your range, and allow you to belt powerful high notes easily. Vocal exercises should always be performed before any singing so that your vocal cords and muscles are properly warm and prepared for the challenges of your song. This will ensure a more comfortable performance and help your voice stay healthy for years. Voice lesson experts like Forbes Music Company mentioned that among the most important of these warm-ups is the vocal “yawn.” This technique mimics the motion of a yawn or sighs and opens your throat, mouth, and jaw for full resonance. This is a great exercise for both new and experienced singers.

Song Writing

When working with an online voice teacher, songwriting lessons are often a part of the learning experience. They are a great way to encourage students to explore their creativity while building confidence in their abilities. A song can be a simple two-line lyric to tell a story or an intricate piece of music that takes listeners on a journey with vivid imagery. The point is to ensure the song is exciting and holds the audience’s attention. You can start by writing down a title for your song and then brainstorming words to fill it in. For example, think about things that are fun and exciting in your life or the lives of your friends and family.

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