Cloudflare expands access to the zero-trust platform

Cloudflare, Inc. the security, performance, and reliable company that helps build a better Internet, today announced its Zero Trust – We announced several new features for Cloudflare One, our SASE platform. Announced. This makes it the only cloud-native Zero Trust solution with global network scaling. New features in Cloudflare One include advanced email security protection, data loss prevention tools, Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB), and private network detection. Every organization today uses Cloudflare One to enable comprehensive, deeply integrated Zero Trust security and network solutions to protect accelerate performance across devices, applications, and networks to keep employees safe and secure. Cloudflare’s cloud access security broker (CASB) provides end-to-end visibility. Controls over SaaS applications,  you can easily prevent data breaches.
Cloudflare One provides a comprehensive Zero Trust SASE solution natively integrated with Cloudflare’s global network spanning 270+ cities in 100+ countries. This tightly integrated approach enables easy deployment with just a few clicks, blazing-fast performance wherever your users are, robust security across endpoints, networks, and email.

• Automatically protects users fro0m phishing attacks. The largest cyberattack vector on the web, built-in email security is critical to a true Zero Trust network. Cloudflare’s leading phishing protection from its recent acquisition of Area 1 Security, combined with Cloudflare’s leading-edge browser isolation, malicious links are automatically quarantined in remote browser sessions.

•  Cloudflare’s global network ensures speed. You can apply  Zero Trust filter, without compromising.

•Comprehensive control over your data from anywhere: Cloudflare’s Zero Trust platform provides real-time control with built-in data loss prevention tools, not just inline scanning, and API-driven CASB to protect sensitive information or search saved data.

• Connect and secure your data, devices, offices, cloud networks, and more without relying on hardware boxes. Cloudflare Magic WAN is available. This allows enterprises to speed up their networks and provide security at a fraction of the cost of traditional MPLS.

Cloudflare Extends Zero Trust Platform to Become the Only Cloud-based software Provider with Network Scale

Cloudflare One helps protect businesses around the world, with a 100% year-over-year increase in customer numbers and a 6x increase in average daily traffic over the same period. Global brands, including financial services company BlockFi, trust Cloudflare in their Zero Trust efforts. Curve, a financial application provider.

Cloudflare has added several new capabilities to its Zero Trust and Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) platform called Cloudflare One. Additions include email security protection, data loss prevention, cloud access security broker (CASB), and private network detection.

Customers identify and stop cyberattacks. Enhanced Visibility with Logs: Cloudflare and CrowdStrike is facilitating log integration, allowing a customer to correlate Cloudflare logs with EDR telemetry in CrowdStrike for timely detection and mitigation of advanced threats. Rapid support in
attack situations: CrowdStrike is a Cloudflare Incident Response Partner. In the event of an incident or attack, CrowdStrike works with Cloudflare to bring the customer’s web property and network back online.

Cloudflare officially entered its SASE market in October 2020 with Cloudflare One. The platform included Access ZTNA Network and Gateway Secure Web Gateway (SWG) products, Warp Gateway Client, next-generation firewalls, and more remote browser isolation. Cloudflare One provides a dashboard for all Zero Trust features, the provider claims on its blog.

• Cloudflare One provides comprehensive Zero Trust SASE platform. IT integrates with Cloudflare’s global network spanning 275+ cities in 100+ countries. This deeply integrated approach ensures easy deployment with just a few clicks, lightning-fast performance wherever your users are. Available through Cloudflare One, Cloudflare’s API-driven CASB, DLP services enable organizations to:

• Identify, mitigate threats with unmatched threat intelligence: Cloudflare is part of CrowdStrike’s CrowdXDR Alliance, which combines insights from Cloudflare’s global network, covering  250 cities, blocking an average of 86 billion cyber threats, with data on CrowdStrike’s peer endpoints. Customers identify, end cyber-attacks.

• Improve visibility with logs – Cloudflare and CrowdStrike will advance log integration. It allows customers to compare their Cloudflare logs with CrowdStrike’s EDR telemetry. It is used for early detection and mitigation of sophisticated threats.

• Get quick support in situations under attack: CrowdStrike is Cloudflare’s incident response partner. In attacks, CrowdStrike works with Cloudflare bringing web services, customer networks back online.

Overview of Cloudflare


Cloudflare, Inc. is dedicated to helping build the best internet. Cloudflare’s suite of products safeguards and speed up any Internet application online without joining hardware, installing software. Internet properties incorporating Cloudflare technology route all web traffic through its intelligent global network. The result is a significant upgrade in performance and a depletion in spam and other attacks. Cloudflare was named to Entrepreneur Magazine’s 2018. Top Company Cultures and Fast Company was named one of the World’s Most Innovative Companies of 2019. Cloudflare is headquartered in San Francisco, CA.

Conclusion –

Many businesses are adopting more SaaS applications. Companies need to collaborate more effectively in distributed or hybrid work environments. Collection of sensitive data in the cloud via email services, HR applications, and collaboration tools. This increases the burden on security teams who must monitor the security. It monitors numerous applications, increasing the risk of security incidents from misconfigurations, improper access controls, and disgruntled employees. CASB, DLP is part of Cloudflare’s Zero Trust platform. Companies can take advantage of today’s threats by leveraging applications, data, employees without the complex integration costs.   You can easily protect yourself from these situations.

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